Our Core Features

Go Paperless

GABA service modules help evade piles of paperwork by keeping records of all data that the school requires, execute all the work online and carry out all processes related to particular platforms.

Advanced Security

Our Web Services cloud computing protects the information of induviduals and companies against cyber attack. Our role-based access allows an individual to access information and fields based on their designation, ensuring that the school data is never compromised.

Easy Implementation & use

The intuitive user interface of GABA apps allows users to learn the operations on their own. Our in-app self-help document familiarises newcomers with the school management system.


GABA helps in setting your dashboard exactly the way you want. Its high-end features such as Quick Links enable you to hand-pick the features and get a quick view of the key metrics.

Time Saver

There is always a shortage of one precious resource – time. There’s hardly enough time to engage with your every employees. So, GABA helps in saving time without costing a fortune.

Cost Effective

GABA is available at a cost-effective price with the best of services. Companies of any size can easily choose from different packages of GABA apps solution and services for better management.